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Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
Judging coffee quality like a pro
Everyone has his own way of meditation
I can't believe it, you finally finished your report
Look, that's my cigar
He can think only about work
Young woman talking on the phone while realtor showing her something
Everything is under control
Woman showing thumb up and her colleague holding hands on hips
Ten minutess till report presentation and nothing is ready!
With this amount of work you'd need a gallon of coffee
And why my colleagues can't act like normal people?
Focused on improving project's details
Working under pressure
Attractive female barista
Fall evening of girly chatting and tea drinking
Deciding all these work things
Everyone got his own features
Aren't you supposed to finish that report today?
And how can you be happy with this work result?
Do you really think i can do all that till tomorrow?!
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
Stop you, you're making me blush
Danger! the workplace crush
The best coffee time spending is with them
So what do you think about our rate of business growth?
Immersed in her thoughts
Discovering digital money making
Arguing about all these details
And what does she think she's doing?
Coworkers girls talking business and girls' stuff
I've got enough of this!
I'm sorry but your report serves no purpose
Cleavage never fails, they say
She's got all rebellious
She's so upset because i'm more successful than her
Positive vibes on the line
Deciding all these work things
Female and male architects discussing the scale model of a house
Guess, selfies with tongue out are popular nowadays
I'm aiming right at you!
She ate her annual report
Working out the smallest details
How many times do i have to tell you this?
Dealing with difficult customers
Can you keep up with me?
How could've you been so irresponsible?!
What?.. playing games at work?
God knows
Guess, it's right the time to get back to work
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
That's a wonderful idea, you're doing just great!
Being rude is my colleagues' moto
Before build something, you've gotta try it on practice
Always having the best time with this lady
Do you really think i can do all that till tomorrow?!
Things you're saying to me are really amazing
Coffee is always there
Everyone does what she's good at