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That's the answer to my question!
Young man standing with a book in his hands
That's an interesting idea
This idea occupies my mind so forcefully
Pensive young overweight man holding digital tablet
Well, this idea may seem funny, but...
Continue but i'm little terrified already
Book gives you food for thoughts
How to present this story properly really takes a while
It's needed to be explained the best way possible
Hm, that doesn't seem so bad
Knowledge baggage is heavy
So what folks, ready to start the day?
I don't know how to feel about all this
In that case, we can do next...
Four plus five equals...
Oh, this info is quite interesting
So, it's how the system works
What do we need is to draw up a plan
It doesn't have any value, take it back!
Folks, remember this one
But we still have time before exams, right?
This is an outrage!
Book got me some food for thoughts
Ask me, i know the answer!
We may try this option
Pensive catholic priest sitting in front of open bible
Kids, ready to get some work done?
He is a diligent student
Trying to analyze what i've just read
Is the universe expanding or contracting?
Does this law work this way?
Young man standing and reading a book
What's the problem, tell me?
Teacher trying his best to explain the subject
It's needed to be explained the best way possible
What a great day it was, huh
Pensive young overweight office worker holding digital tablet
This point of view is arguable, don't you think?
Young man in a black suit and a kippah reading a torah he's holding
The main thing you should remember
Young man talking on the phone and smiling
Ready to face the problems
Let's start active studying, folks!
What do you think about this theory?
Arguing and doubting make part of the education process
Look who finally came
I need nothing short of a miracle to save me at this point
This is your new working place
Feeling a little bit of controversy after reading it
In the end, it's not the worst way out
Be quiet in the library
Catholic priest sitting at the table with open bible book and like saying something
Focused on saving very last detail of this story
And after all that copypast you're still asking me why i'm mad?
I can't believe this happened
What if we are all characters in a book?
How is it possible that we have prepare ourselves for an exam in two days?
Really focused on presenting the info in the best way possible
Oh, yeah, that's our biggest concern for now