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Balancing with amount of knowledge
Quite contented with work result
Thinking about all these work things
Feeling quite serious when thinking about science
This subject needs a serious consideration
This science decision is not my thing
Serious looking old professor with eyeglasses on head and hands folded
Mature man adjusting his eyglasses and looking lost
Age and experience made him wise
I have some problems with understanding that
Involved in thoughts mature professor bitting eyeglasses
Mature professor looking confused
mature professor looking lost and mad
You know, cigars are not meant to smell like something rotten
Pensive mature man bitting his eyeglasses
Laughing old professor with his eyeglasses on his head
Check your vision - it changes as you age
Would you like to try this cigar
A man in a white shirt and grey tie holding a blank piece of paper AI
Age and experience made him wise
That's a difficult case
Are you sure you're in the right place?
Aged man involved in phone conversation
Aged man holding phone and looking aside
Aged man centred on using ipad
Aged man talking on the phone and looks involved in conversation
Mature professor seems to don't understand something
I'm all right, and you?
Happiness? good whiskey, a good cigar and a great conversation
I am just a bit suspicious by nature
Serious looking mature professor standing with hands folded
Serious looking mature professor with eyeglasses off and hands folded
Serious looking old professor standing with his hands folded
Old professor standing with his ahnds folded and eyes closed
Mature professor with eyeglasses off and hands folded giggling
Smiling mature professor standing with his hands folded
Laughing mature professor standing with his hands folded and eyeglasses off
Age and experience made him wise
Some people meditate, i smoke cigars
Oh, i didn't see it coming
Serious mature professor adjusting glasses and seems like not understanding something
Mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Well, and what we're gonna do about that?
Stunned mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Can you even think about such thing, huh?
Laughing mature professor holding his glasses
Academic nerds have sense of humour too
We gather here for conversation and a good smoke
It takes time to find your perfect cigar brand
Aged man with his hands crossed holding digital tablet on head
Every cigar lover eventually develops his own smoking style
Doubting is a way to think about things
Did i get you right?
What do men talk about while chilling out with a good cigar?
In the midst of a good conversation
Aged man holding tablet and pointing something out
Age and experience made him wise and strong
He seems pretty pleased with himself
Excited mature professor adjusting eyeglasses
It's time to break a smoking addiction