See that thing over there? it's trash basket full of my dreams
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Oh, this doesn't look so good
Everything is going just great
Don't i get something here?
Good, wish we could've changed the situation somehow
Well, and how that is even possible, huh?
Feeling quite confused with that
Discovered some shocking news
Young overweight office worker screaming using megaphone
But we've gotta to solve this somehow?
How to draw a step by step AI
When you realise something shouldn't have happened
How to present this story properly really takes a while
Let me help you with your luggage
Gosh, feeling myself so angry right now
So that's what this is about
That's the answer to my question!
Please pay attention to this short safety demonstration
Young attractive teacher standing with his hands crossed
Welcome, make yourself at home
Trying my best at holding feelings
Don't tell me we have some problems here
Well, it looks like nothing changes here
Young attractive teacher explaining something
Be quiet in the library
Working on bringing this story in the best possible way
Got a lot of stuff to think about
Young overweight office worker seems like not getting something and holding digital tablet
Can someone give me an explanation, huh?
Could you say me what do you want exactly?
Young attractive teacher sitting at the table with open arms
That sounds just awful, can't believe it really happens
That idea seems just great for me
Well, that sounds just great, you know
Yeah, that seems not bad at all
Being quite impressed with this thing
Feeling a little bit lost in thoughts
Pensive young overweight man holding digital tablet
Working on bringing this story in the best possible way
Yeah, it's not so good as i expected
Telling people about such kind of situation isn't easy at all, you know
Arguing over the telephone would be like
Call center agent touching headset and looking up
Friends' jokes make me smile all the times
Young attractive man holding his eyeglasses and doesn't understand what's going on
Making a public speech
Feeling quite frustrated now
What's the problem, tell me?
Do you have any problem with me about this?
When things have been bad lately
Really focused on presenting the info in the best way possible
This is your new working place
When all your dreams come true
Giving advices on how to solve the problem
Young reporter pointing at side and talking into a microphone
Drawing persons' attention to what's happening here
Young overweight office worker screaming using megaphone
Pensive young overweight office worker holding digital tablet
Pensive young overweight man sitting at the office desk and holding phone
I'm feeling a little bit confused
Mad looking young overweight man in suit holding fists clenched