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Pounding an invisible nail into the invisible wall
I'm gonna unenthusiastically punch you in the face and you will be apathetically sorry
Yeah, maybe i don't know how to fight, but bold of you to assume this is gonna stop me
The aesthetic of modern days
Do i have the strongest punch in the wild west? no. but do i have the quickest one? also no
In the mood to start the party
Thinking over what i've just read
Ready to face all those troubles
My watch is smarter than me and i'm still not over it
Serious looking young afroman standing with hands on hips
You disappoint me
When you try your best but you don't succeed
What is this feeling
An important part of your day
Dancing is a great way to relax
Music got me so addicted
Just enjoying the time and having so much fun
I hate making phone calls
Considering important decisions
They're gonna be here in a minute
Once again, this is not the office of the president
Thinking about my life
What do i have to study to become a cloud
The mood of this month is sadness
Some memories are too vivid to forget about
A man and woman looking at each other AI
Young afroman in pajama holding cup
This seems like a really good scent for me
This doesn't look like water
Wish i could have a little bit of rest
Come at me, bro
Just enjoying the time and having so much fun
Enjoying this time just for myself
Dancing like nobody's watching
Well, i was thinking about something...
Ready to face all those troubles
Lately i've been into fancy reading
I saw a perfect stranger today and they were so perfect it warmed my heart
Young afroman showing thumb up
Dancing like nobody's watching
Nothing can bring down my mood
Feeling fashionable and super stylish
Having a lot to think over
Two minutes into this conversation and i'm already having an existential crisis
Bittersweet memories
I am so tired of all that stuff
Whatever you're gonna say i will not like it. actually, i went further and am already not liking you in advance
Maintain your water balance, kids
Pretending to hold something but when you zoom in there's nothing, as a metaphor for my life
my talent is looking aesthetically pleasing in the least suitable situations
Feeling jealous for no reason
The moment of lonely sadness
Lately i've been into fancy reading
I feel like birds are watching me
Me, looking at my smartwatch telling me it's high time for the workout, knowing full well that time isn't real
Me, pretending to consider buying an expensive item i grabbed by mistake, knowing full well i can't afford even a box it comes in
Don't let my smile distract you
When your life crumbles before your eyes and you have no power to stop it
Feeling fashionable and super stylish
Caught in sweet memories