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Young activist guy holding folder
'cause active civic position matters
Young volunteer guy holding folder
Speaking out our opinions is important
Petition is a correct way to solve an issue
Ohh you are so sweet, why are you always so sweet <з
Guess what i'm thinking of
It's been a while without us hearing and i'm all ears
Oh, okay, bye, i guess..sorry for bothering
Young business woman with a laptop
God reaching out to me through his words
Young businesswoman is having a cup of coffee
Hey, wanna go together?
Feel like sharing my cuteness with the world
Drinking coffee before the college and all of sudden the unexpected idea hits you like a lightning bolt
Oh my goodness!
Well, i don't know what to say...
We have a lot on our plate going on today
Young guy listening attentively to what is said on the phone
Is it a suit or pj's? who cares when you work from home! i wear it 24/7 and have no reason to stop
Elegant and intelligent
Not sure if the job is so troublesome or the problem is me
Young asian delivery girl carrying box and folder
When you get lost in thoughts and unintentionally start looking like a part of renaissance painting
Wish i haven't had said anything like that
Young asian delivery girl carrying box and folder
What are you talking about?
Unlike most people, coffee never fails to make me feel better
Didn't expect to hear these news
'cause active civic position matters
Serious looking young activist guy holding folder
Young activist guy standing half sideways and holding folder
I thought we were on the same side about that
Oh sweetie, you thought buying me coffee would be enough to get me to date you?
So done of hearing all these things
I want to thank the only one who always stayed by my side and helped me through all these college years no matter what
Being social active nowadays is difficult
A man writing on a paper AI
Are you sure?
There's something i don't get here
Young activist guy standing half sideways and holding folder
Young asian woman focused on eyeshadow application
Got to hear all the latest news from friends
Working place? in this economy?
I may look like i've got my life together and stuff, but honestly, i don't even have a chair to sit on while working
Elegant and intelligent
That awkward pause when you suddenly lose a train of a thought for no reason in particular
It's not my fault!
I always put on something pastel for our skype meetings to look like a princess so the clients wouldn't be able to get too angry with this cuteness
Hold on a sec, i need to see this
In the process of taking my daily on-the-way-to-college selfie to cheer up my followers
Chatting with friends after a while is so fun
Modern technologies for business
Liking my own posts from the secret account is a form of self-care
Don't mind me casually being an ally here
Young man in a black suit and a kippah reading a torah he's holding
Young businesswoman is having a cup of coffee
How should i start my presentation?
Young woman having coffee and using digital tablet