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Preparing myself for great new adventure
Involved in some expedition planning
Planning expedition requires time and efforts
Young traveller sitting at the table and planning a trip
Discovering world is my hobby and work
It's time to travel and open the world
Focused on trip planning
Looking for some clues that might be helpful
Trying my best in solving the case
When you're really interested with the book
Exploring the outside things to get what's there
When work is both hobby and living
Focused on the money making process
Having the most important news to tell you today
Seems like i have some clues about it
Being an accountant requires attention
Hold on a minute
Can you comment on that?
Items to discover things
Tweed hat, map, sunglasses, rope, magnifying glass and compass
Creating some new architecture
Wearing glasses male architect sitting at work desk
Well, and what do you think about that, huh?
Laughing young caucasian student sitting at the table and writing something down in the notebook
Healthy Lifestyle
Hearing some news from the side could be tough
Working on some new architect drawings
Let's check this book here
Studying map and preparing myself for a trip
Preparing a 'visit to' map
Yeap, we're gonna head right there
Studying map before going on a road
Giving a thought to all trip planning
Preparation before taking a journey
Well, let's see what proofs do we have here
This how detective's work day looks like
Counting all the time to get full picture
Male journalist screaming and going to throw a grenade
Can't hold my excitement when i'm getting the good news
Woman covering face
Taking a good look on what might be out there
Using old fashioned ways to get work done
Totally involved in work
Going on business trip
Mission control center! i am asking for landing permission!
Healthy Lifestyle
Compass, vintage box, binoculars, magnifying glass on map
Woman covering her face with a book
Being a vintage fan even at work
Could you please give a commentary on this?
Woman covering her face in profile
Pleased young man standing with hands in pockets
Revising some last drawings samples
Investigating for the case
Drawing everyone's attention to the thing we may see here
What are your thoughts?
Sad young man standing
Young professor sitting at the table and reading a book