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Well, let's start training session
Well, ready to start the swimming training
Swimming is my passion and work
Definitely not in mood for jokes
Take to each other like ducks to water
My soul wears black 60's dresses too
Swimmer's routine is about to start
Elegant young woman in red beret and glasses
Black is my color and my mood
Black is the most elegant color
Fashion choices are definitely my stuff
Back view of a teen girl in sportswear dancing while gesticulating
Man doing toe touch bending
Side view of old man meditating
Teenage girl with curly pink hair shaving legs
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Feeling everything in black and white colors
Fit mature woman stretching back
Fighting for successful business
Back view of a teen girl in sportswear putting hands on hips
Side view of a young woman posing with her hands behind her back
Giving a try to this new mask
Young asian woman in pink rabbit hat with eyes closed drying face with pink towel
Ready for next workout
Preparing to make some more exercises
It's time to start training time
Almost ready for training time
Well, let's start training session time
Ready-steady to start the training
Doing yoga and just relaxing
Ok, so let's start the swimming session
Being a swimmer requires time and efforts
Elegant young woman holding camera
Swimmer's work day is about to start
Preparing myself mentally before swimming competition
Being active and super relaxed at the same time
Summer and active lifestyle is a great combination
Black is my brightest color
Side view of a teen girl in sportswear raising hand and arguing
Fit mature lady standing with folded hands and sleeping mask on her eyes
Noir suits my mood and look quite well
Putting on swimming glasses and let's start the training
What a great way of spending the day!
Very relaxed and extermely into vacation
Relaxed and peaceful letter reading time
Some exercises before work
A woman sitting on a couch holding a megaphone AI
Join us, son
It's time of full summer enjoyment
Young indian woman sitting on yoga mat with legs crossed and eyes closed
Concentrating on my thoughts and just relaxing
Front view of a confident young woman touching forehead with both hands