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Positive and contented about this day
Mature man smiling and holding his hands on his hips
Gotta move for have energy for all day
I forgot what i was going to do
Well, i've had some nice training
That's what keeps me in shape
Mature man in sportive wear holding towel on his shoulder
Man in suit showing his fists and angry face, 'ready to do this' position
Is something happening there?
Yeah, everything is just great
Allergic to the morning
Handsome cunning man turning from back
Mature man looking aside and pointing somewhere with the finger
So, any thoughts how to solve this?
Job burnout
Yeah, great deals closing is exhausting
We don't like uninvited company
Have to try some things in practice
The song makes me dance and move
Until you're in my office, you gonna follow my rules
Hurry up, there are a lot of things to see
Doesn't have time for a full workout
Choose correct way of breakfast meal
Wait, what you've just said?
I'm waiting for some explanation
This little coin brings us the future
Couldn't have been better
Ripple coin is a little step to future money scheme
Involved in thoughts mature man holding his one hand behind his back
Music makes everything better
Confident and ready to win
Smiling mature man stretching
Feeling every muscle after the training
Happy and thrilled about this day
Mature man looking at his sport tracker with surprisement
Involved in thoughts mature man holding his one hand behind his back
Multitasking even during the running session
Wishing all good luck to come
Let's get my body improven
Didn't expect that result
Oh, i didn't expect that
Catching last minutes of sleep
Started this day from intensive workout
Hey, do you see this too?
They finally released a new greatest hits album
Sometimes you feel like you've run out of batteries
It's my dog and we're going for a walk
Adoring myself in the mirror
Don't worry man, it's gonna be all great today
Just a quick glance at it and i'm gone
Man in suit laughing and touching his stomach
We're moving in the right directions, friends
This is our future, friends
Isn't this a perfection?
This is our future, friends
We definitely need to reconsider this strategy
Efforts and hardworking are the components
You'll regret not buying bitcoin
So positive right now