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'ah, it's so complicated'
It's time for emergency napping
Woman in yellow anorak closing her face with a hand
Fear sees danger everywhere
A thoughtful female security guard touching her chin
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You tired me with all your boring stuff
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Handsome teacher thinking about something
This is a creation of an evil genius
Men cry too
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Life is pain
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Feeling quite confused with that
Old memories to review
I can't believe it
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I need to relax
I'm so not in the mood for all this work
Is that a spider over there?
What the hell is going on
Broken heel, my ex is womanizer, the deadline is tomorrow, but i want to close my eyes and do nothing
Deadline failure
Stifling sobs, suppressing sighs
Man in casual clothes standing
'and now a little break is a must'
Young worker sitting at the table and 'opening' her eyes with hands
I don't feel like seeing people today
The coming day has much in store for us
Businessman sitting in the office AI
Let's rock today
'hm, what do we have for today...'
It's the worst day in my life
Breaking point
Oh dear, i'm such a fool!
Warming up before workout
Tremendous things are about to happen
Will i ever feel better?
Young man touching his head
Considering some possible work options
Men cry too
Thoughts and regrets
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Fruitful work brings not only results but also a back ache
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Giving advices on how to solve the problem
Working on his flexibility
Young handsome teacher cant' believe what's happening