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Being a fashion icon isn't easy
Well, maybe i should add a little bit of white colour?
Young man standing in the corner of a room and holding a smart phone AI
Thinking about all those fashion decisions
Choosing look of the day
Practicing before switching to real patients
Three-quarter view of a young woman in blue dress applying a lipstick
I think the model on the left would fit me better
Three-quarter view of a young woman in blue dress holding a lipstick
Oh, it was actually "no hot water" sign, not the "more hot water" one
Well, and what color would be great for kid for today?
White shirts on the hangers on the rank
Waiting for today's patients
A woman in a white suit sitting at a desk AI
So, i insert the needle into the muscle at a certain angle...
Guessing about all medical stuff to do
Massage therapist preparing for a session
Do you like the result?
I know how to safely remove disposable gloves
Three-quarter view of a young female doctor observing her medical cabinet
A doctor in a hospital bed AI
Yes, this one is nice
Seems like intensive work day is ahead
Front view of a perplexed nurse raising her hand and holding a tablet
What to do with your old clothes? reuse them!
Elegant and intelligent
Three-quarter view of a female doctor holding a tablet and giving an advice
Young woman in a white shirt and blue tie standing in the living room AI
Front view of a female doctor pointing the tablet and looking at camera
Preparing myself mentally for a work day
Stylist job isn't as easy as someone think
Taking those hard fashion decisions
Picking up an outfit isn't easy thing to do
Mom´s task is also about correct clothes choice
Creative decision on how to use your old clothes
Young tailor offering two options to his customer
Hmm, i'm not hearing anything here
Three-quarter view of a young woman in blue dress holding a lipstick
Young man in a white shirt and tie standing in front of a mirror AI
Choosing look of the day
Picky customers are my nightmare!
Image of a pregnant woman holding a globe AI
Giving a thought to all this work stuff
Front view of tired female doctor looking down and touching forehead
Clothes thing isn't easy at all
Is this area bothering you?
How to make a t shirt out of cardboard AI
Proud of myself and proud of it
Smiling female doctor listening emptiness with stethoscope
Working as a surgical nurse is ultimately rewarding
Is that the first time she's giving an injection?
Side view of young woman sitting on cube with bunch of banknotes
Are you ready to be discharged from the hospital soon?
This month's trend is pastel
What is that on the left sleeve?
It's time for your physical check up, don't you think?
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
Work day is about to get started
Woman holding a rack of clothes AI
Getting ready to giving injections