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Getting ready to giving injections
Smiling female doctor listening emptiness with stethoscope
Wearing sterile gloves protect our patients
Just imagine that a syringe is full of poison
I know how to safely remove disposable gloves
Are you ready to be discharged from the hospital soon?
Taking work tasks quite seriously
Working as a surgical nurse is ultimately rewarding
Practicing before switching to real patients
Well, ready to face this day
Oh gosh, you're running a high temperature
You won't get away from me
Guessing about all medical stuff to do
Hmm, i'm not hearing anything here
Nurse in face mask checking the syringe
She shows no mercy
It's really a good vaccine
Portrait of a smiling doctor in hospital AI
I know how to make injections gently
Proper medical treatment works wonders
How fast does your heart beat?
Positive and optimistic about new work day
Involved in work thoughts
I'm making my morning rounds and checking patients' temperature
So there you go, the fever is down
Front view of a young female doctor pointing finger at the jar of pills
Think, we might wanna check it
Doctors are always on guard
It's very good pain relief injection
Smiling young female doctor standing with her hands crossed
I was taught how to put on gloves at the nursing school
Doctor's work day is about to ger started
Wishing myself a great work day
Are you ready for vaccination?
Is that the first time she's giving an injection?
Only disposable syringes are used in medical procedures
Work day is about to get started
Giving a thought to all this work stuff
Taking some work things into consideration
Concerned on some injections' preparing
When work day is ahead of us
Focused on good injection's preparation
Gloves should fit snugly around wrists and hands
Just relax, it's gonna be quick and fast
Let's have work day started, hm?
Thinking about this work day ahead
Patients are waiting for us
Just a basic health examination
Moment of highest responsibility
Who's wanna be first to get examed?
Well, ready to face this day
Moment of highest responsibility
A young woman in a surgical hat and a face mask putting on gloves
Are you ready for vaccination?
Super excited and optimistic about my work
Front view of a young female doctor holding stethoscope
Looking through patient history
I think i know how to improve your health
Preparing myself mentally for a work day
Is there something i can help you with?