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Books open horizons
Primary schoolgirl holding an opened book and finger up
Thinking about some study to do
Well, i've got a lot of reading to handle
Saying hello to classmates after long vacation
School is not fun at all
I've been reading it and i really like it
In great mood after reading a coll book
Very sure about my studying plan
It's important to remember to pack all books
Got something on my mind, you know
Thumbs up for holidays!
Excited because weekend will be soon
I look very funny, don't i?
Heading to school
These two kids have different attitude towards school
Children are so inventive
Cute little girl standing and smiling
This tablet is cool. i approve!
Time to have some fun
Cute little girl looking surprised
I'm telling you guys, this lipstick suits me
I think i have an idea
Thumbs up for holidays!
Kinfolk got me like...
I know what we can do!
A woman stands in front of a mirror AI
Now it's my time to choose the game!
Tired because of carrying books, not because of studying
It's a great story, you should read it too
Got involved in reading this
Wish there was no school
Smile, really? it's school day on monday
Feeling great about start of the school week
What a great story it would be
I've been missing school during vacations
Now try to catch me up!
In the best of my moods!
So guys, how's that reading was going
Dancing to the music...
I know what we can do!
Here, i bet you'd like this book too
Wish vacations would come faster
Child's imagination is the greatest magic
Young and confident
Being mischievous today
Taking pictures is my favourite thing in the world
Mother and baby looking at each other AI
Striving for new hights
This colour suits me better than my mom
Where is my hair stylist?
Somebody needs to take a snooze
That's how holiday mood looks like!
Kinfolk got me like...