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Rock-n-roll in my blood
Music helps me to go through the day
Music is life
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Finally i did it!
Game over
Rule breaker
What's the problem, tell me?
Four plus five equals...
Thumbs up for new technology
Girls like bad boys
Please, follow me here
Young man looking angry with himself
It is no laughing matter
Managing problems
That idea seems just great for me
Work's been going just great
That sounds just awful, can't believe it really happens
So glad to hear you, friend
Working on bringing this story in the best possible way
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Coffee and smartphone are people's best friends
Discovered some shocking news
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Well, i will think what i can do here
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Everything is going just great
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Confident and serious
Learning to move
Ok, that's my mood for today
That's the image of a bad guy
I do what i like
That's the image of a bad guy
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How to create a 3d text effect in raster graphics editor software
Be quiet in the library
Why i made that mistake again!
That's the image of a bad guy
Young man holding a joystick
Girls like bad boys
Call center agent showing a way to go with hands
Failed again
This is an outrage!
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Young handsome man in glasses
This point of view is arguable, don't you think?
We've got some exciting news
Telling people about such kind of situation isn't easy at all, you know
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Musical delight
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Final exams are way too soon
Now look at this funny incident
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Young handsome man in glasses
Really focused on presenting the info in the best way possible
Yeah, that seems not bad at all
It is no laughing matter
I'm not just messing around here, you know