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Do we even posses what we're offering?
Keep calm and be a mom
Good heavens, her report is a complete mess
I don't feel like talking to people today
Young couple in the office AI
That's how modern date looks like
Working out the smallest details
Focused on improving project's details
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
You've been cleaning it for past few hours
Stressful communication
Before build something, you've gotta try it on practice
Working under pressure
Man sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
Young couple arguing in the office AI
Can't you see? it's not perfect here
Model building is the part of their profession
She talks way too much
Green-eyed monster: envy in the workplace
Young man sitting on the couch and watching tv
I see you beyond skin and bone
Story writing process in action
Some tasks make me feel like breaking down
All this hard work has been ruined!
Man shouting at a megaphone AI
Please don't fire me!
God knows
Portrait of a man working on a laptop AI
Do you think i came here to see you updating your social media?
I'm sorry but your report serves no purpose
Stop shouting, please
Stop, please...
Young couple with laptop in the living room AI
She doesn't understand me
Better ideas always hit the collective mind
Female and male architects discussing the scale model of a house
Getting the best picture of my love
Feeling insecure
Autism awareness is important in modern society
Taking advantage of new technologies
Is it even possible to wake up already tired?
I don't like making photos, leave me alone
I hate your small nonsence talks
Architecture masterpieces get created this way
I have to deal with my ocd alone
Getting ourselves ready for a nice pic
Building construction isn't easy
Lazy vs hard working
How could've you messed up everything?
I just need some silence
Even soft touches can be stressful for me
A man and woman shaking hands with each other AI
A young man and woman sitting at a desk in front of a laptop AI
Young couple sitting on the couch and using laptop AI
Can you keep up with me?
I guess, like mother like child, huh?
Getting the best picture of my love
Trying on practice these ideas
And how do you like that idea?
Checking out what he's watching there