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Can't bear to watch it
Yeah, it's a goal!
Such a thrill! just takes your breath away
Holy cow! what a rush!
Open your mouth and i'll give you some chips
Yeah, it's a goal!
This song makes us move and dance
Oh please, stop watching this nonsense
Young couple sitting at a table with laptop AI
Hold on, let me see a replay
Wake me up when it ends...
Clink, clink, another drink
Man having a meal in the kitchen AI
She'd better turn down the volume
This is precisely what a music video ought to be
Young man sitting at the table and working on laptop AI
What?.. playing games at work?
Couple eating breakfast in the kitchen AI
Working under pressure
Hey, guys, and what about me?
Modern romantic dates are like this
Hip hop! woohoo!
What did i get myself into?
Some tasks make me feel like breaking down
Checking out what she's watching there
You call that a report?
Are you kidding me?
Aren't you supposed to finish that report today?
I'll call you later, bro
Five minutes before getting fired
Come on, we are rooting for you as hard as we can
Can't bear to watch it
Wow, what a game!
Look, it was perfectly obvious from the first
Oh please, stop watching this nonsense
We love watching football games together
Young couple with laptop in the office AI
Let's drink to the beautiful goal!
There's no accounting for taste
I'll never understand how she can watch this show...
Man eating breakfast at the office AI
Young man and woman working on a laptop at home AI
She loves romcoms and i love her...
Oh geeze, not now, i'm not that hungry
Let's dance!
Yah, we won! high five!
Checking out what he's watching there
Young couple sitting on the couch and using laptop AI
Young couple sitting on the couch and using laptop AI
Do you think i came here to see you updating your social media?
After all, he's boss, gotta handle it
My mom and i are really into technologies
How could've you messed up everything?
Coffee tastes better if i take it with you
Do you have something better to offer?
A lover's quarrel
Because of you this stuff got worse
Focused at work