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Seems like i deserve a little break
Trying to distract myself a little
Ready to eliminate this leak
Gonna succeed at this plumber's work
Taking a little break
Fixing leak needs physical power too
I wish i could rest a little now
Can someone help me with measurements' thing?
Well, i'm trying to understand what i did wrong here
You can be sure about my plumber's skills
You can be sure about my plumber's skills
I'll be doing my best at fixing
When you think about that leaking pipe
When work is a success and you're super happy
Neck's pain is part of work too
But before fixing, let's measure
Guiding guys through the game
Preparation before fixing it
Figuring out what to do is quite hard
And it's only monday
Female plumber standing next to bag with tools with her hands folded
Thinking about all that work yet to be done
Good morning, new day, i am ready to meet you!
You can be sure about my plumber's skills
And how i can make wright decision?
Well, being a plumber requires power
Hey there, enjoying this summer time?
Dealing with this pile of clothes could really take a while
Figuring out how to use those ones
Kinda awake, kinda asleep
Let's get the plumbing process started
Ok, let's get to work
What, did i measure something worng?
Before fixing it i need to measure eveything
Female plumber holding ruler
Oh, i think i'm done with work for today
Taking a little break
Ok, let's get everything fixed
Female plumber holding file
Feeling quite sure about this work
Getting ready for the work
Taking a little break from all the plumbing work
Gonna solve all these plumber's problems
Ready to eliminate this leak
Young woman trying on safety helmet
Taking a little break
Calculating all needed measurements
Ok, so what tool do we need exactly?
Not in the mood for any work more
Female plumber holding file next to her face
Fixing leak needs physical power too
Who said construction progress isn't for women?
'cause slinky toy is quite good to play with
'cause what could be better than summer walk?
Ready to get work done
Young woman stretching towards a camera
Ok, let's start this plumber's work
Young woman holding reusable shopping bag with vegetables
Catching those sun rays on my skin
Getting prepared for swimming pool party