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When you are finally done with your procrastination and suddenly see the amount of work you have to finish due tomorrow
Laughing out loud at my own jokes because i'm my favourite comedian
God help me
When everything goes wrong and you have no idea how to stop it
What did you just say-
An unexpected turn of events
Do you even try to use your brains-
Everything is just great and i'm feeling good
What the heck, man
When the news is good and you're listening to the other person getting all excited about it
Turn the music on, let's have some fun!
Stay calm and stand your ground
Seems like i have enough money for living if i die tomorrow
And suddenly every word they sing is about you
Right presentation of the product is an important part of its market success
When the conversation is so tiresome you start calling out to the universe for help
A moment before the catastrophe
The best thing about having a best friend is that they can always make you laugh, no matter how far away they are
When they carefully listened to your instructions and then did everything the other way round
I'm not very fond of the news lately
Feeling cute and flirty
Work day's been going just fine enough
Happy tunes for happy mood
Checking one more time all the work stuff
Happy to have you here with us
We're happy to have you here with us
Sometimes the eyes can speak a thousand words
And this is the end of the story
Guessing about what today's prepared for us
When you have a lot of ideas to share with
It's scientifically proven that feeling blue while wearing this cool blue outfit is impossible
How could you have the audacity-
Oh my god, i can't believe you've done this
For me??
Congrats! you've got a stamp of approval from amalia today!
Blah blah blah i've heard these excuses two thousand times
Excuse me?? how did you just call me???
A call from a friend in the middle of a crazy office day is always like a breath of fresh air
Happy to have you here with us
Think of that, young man
Sometimes the joke is too good not to emphasize it with finger guns
The sky looks especially nice today
We've been looking forward to meet you
Slow dancing with myself 'cause i deserve it
Well, do you see these numbers?
We're happy to have you here with us
Me, appearing at the friend's house when they least expect it
A bit skeptical look
A typical photo of a business forum ad
Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, dance and sing when no one's actually watching and listening 'cause it's too much for one person to handle
Bunny is in need of love and hugs
A year! you've lied to me this whole year and didn't even bat an eyelash!
My gosh, the legend was true, it actually does exist
Trying to face work always with a smile
I have mixed feelings about this whole thing
Dance with me, sing with me
Kinda trying to get into work mood here
Sometimes the best action is no action
Always important to keep the face of the company