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Things you're saying to me are really amazing
Different views on the problem
You've surprised me with this news
Hey, be careful with that, ok?
You were supposed to get it done yesterday!
You shouldn't forget about that, ok?
Don't let me down, ok?
I've asked you to fix it, not to make it even worse
Welcome, hope you'll get used to new work fast
Look, i've tried to be helpful
Who was responsible for that thing?
Involved in some case solving
He can think only about work
How could've you done it without talking to me first?
This irresponsibility of yours costed us a contract
Well, what's your opinion about that?
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Young office worker reaching out to touch his female colleague's butt
Can i help you with your work?
Well done, i'm proud of you!
Please don't fire me!
Male and female coworkers welcoming each other
How could've you messed up everything?
My patience is exhausted!
Disagreement between partners happens
A man and woman look at a screen in an office AI
Working and relaxing at the same time
So you weren't listening to me?
Aren't you supposed to finish that report today?
Well, it's been madness here
Stop you, you're making me blush
Man talking to a female colleague with surprised facial expression
And now you wanna make responsible for that?
You should've been more careful with that!
I've been dying to tell you this
You beter be careful with this, you know
Contented to have you as our staff member
Welcome on board and good luck!
It's your responsibility too
You think that you know this but it's not so
You won't believe your ears but...
Colleagues discussing some work stuff
That's how blowing sky-high looks like
Working under pressure
You just have to do your work at time!
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Ice and fire makes perfect business team
High five me!
So what do you think about our rate of business growth?
So, the past few weeks have been insane...
I'll call you later, bro
It's been a long time since we met
Office romance
Cleavage never fails, they say
Inappropriate behaviour at work
Side view of a sneezing young couple in office clothing
Can i help you with your work?
And what's bothering you there?
Colleagues involved in discussing some work stuff
Side view of a questioning young couple in office clothing