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That moment when you get hit by the existential crisis in the middle of folding your clothes
This month's trend is pastel
Okay, just a few more, you can do this
I crumple my clothes a bit after ironing so they wouldn't look like i care too much
It's pretty calming when you are not in a rush
Will they notice if i just put the rest underneath like this
Proud of myself and proud of it
Yuck, seems like it's hasn't been washed for ages
This product worked out really well on colourful clothes
Yuck, seems like it's hasn't been washed for ages
This product worked out really well on colourful clothes
This new detergent smell really wonderful
Fresh clothes, fresh mood
It's gonna take me forever to organise all clothes
Dealing with this pile of clothes could really take a while
Mom´s task is also about correct clothes choice
And how am i gonna menage all this mess?
Young afrowoman looking at baby overalls
And i thought origami was hard
Yuck, and how long it hasn't been washed?
Being a functioning adult is so tiresome
Folding clothes that have just been washed and dried is my favourite type of asmr
Catching a breath before facing the world again
This mood got me like this, you know
Thinking about possible ways to clean all this
Creative decision on how to use your old clothes
Yeah, it needs really deep and good clean
Drowning in this musical dimension
And why again i am the one who cares about that clothes, huh?
It's like i'm trying to escape from myself
I'm pretty sure i didn't have this t-shirt when i started washing clothes today
So done with all of that
I am into soft colours today
Okay, three done, it's a good start
Pros of having little amount of clothes: you have to try really hard to get tired on the laundry day
Not sure if that's the right time for a photo
That moment when you want to organize your clothes by colour but get stuck for half an hour instead staring at the striped shirt and trying to decide which pile it fits
Take a photo of me like i am good at housekeeping
God, please, let these two be the last ones
I treat my clothes and clothes of my boyfriend absolutely the same way, why did you ask
A secret folding technique
Oh, it was actually "no hot water" sign, not the "more hot water" one
You know, i could've used some help here
This new detergent smell really wonderful
Some people genuinely love doing house chores and i am one of them
Amount of housework is truly endless sometimes
This shirt was white before i decided that washing it with my pink blouse sounds like a good idea
I love laundry days because i get to see all my favourite clothes at once
My job here is done
My best friend in cleaning
Sunny playful mood today
There's no end to this mess
How to make a t shirt out of a t shirt AI
Amount of housework is truly endless sometimes
Neat and tidy ✨
Young woman sitting on the table and listening music in headphones
I follow my own fashion
I'll be doing my best at fixing
Giving a chance to this new facial mask