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Did i forget to brush my teeth?
Well, preparing myself to shine like a star today, huh
Well, these tattoos don't seem bad, no?
Cold shower in the morning turns you to a completely different man
Does it mean she's interested in me?
Morning routine truns you into a normal human being
Handsome young one closing his face a little with a hand
Men cry too
Hey there, everything is gonna be alright!
Oh, today i've got a little bit tired
Sorry, i woke up just few minutes ago
Expecting upcoming events in cool mood
I hate monday mornings
Attractive young man standing in 'ready to fight' position
Handsome young man with tattoo
Handsome young man standing and watching at something uncarefully
Cleaning his teeth for a dazzling smile
Handsome young man with displeased facial expression pointing at his teeth with a finger
Don't you think we should talk?
Stuck and seems like there's no way out
They finally released a new greatest hits album
Gotta think what to do next
Young tattooed man sitting in his bed
I didn't expect such a great info so early
Gotta catch some more sleep
Attractive young guy standing in profile and wearing headphones
Hey, you wanted say something to me?
Embracing my inner self
Wishing all the good luck so badly
You got me busted, i haven't had shower yet
Crossed arms are a defensive mechanism
Feel like the energy just flows on veins
Never-ever have been more prepared
Shaving after few days feels like heaven
Can't wait to start this day with new powers
How about hanging out a little, huh?
Handsome young man with smile on his face holding his hands together
Handsome young man holding an avocado
Maybe you wanna talk to me?
Well, i've been thinking about something
Man, i just woke up, i'm not ready to face the day already
Morning routine is very important part of a day
Oh, shaving with brand new razor feels cool
Oh, a sip after all this work feels so nice
Enjoying weekend morning
I'm gonna do all my beauty morning routine today
Too much to handle
Trying my best skills to make my desires come true
Expression before going to work on monday
Handsome young man holding his fist ready
Stop joking, my stomach hurts already
Smiling attractive young man holding his hands behind his chin
Doing my eyes beauty routine
A little bit of exercising
Handsome guy doing his beauty routine and closing one eye with a cotton pad
Man, how you're doing there?
Hey, haven't seen you for a long time already
Sure, see ya, mate