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Touching something virtual
New way of communication
Looking for something new to listen
Beautiful young blonde woman
Staying in touch with control remote centre
Beautiful young blonde woman
Music is a celebration of life
Promoting eco lifestyle
Elegant and intelligent
Woman or machine: new robots look creepily human
This song i've heard before
Making the most daring future ideas today's reality
Young woman with dollar bills
Oops... i shouldn't have said that...
Woman drinking coffee in the morning AI
I hope it'll work
I think i need a reboot
Side view of a young woman in a jumpsuit removing eye make-up
Look what i've bought
Music is a celebration of life
It's always nice to have a choice
Toothbrush, toothbrush in the hand when this day is gonna end
When you feel sick but should be strong and independent
Should i do this now or later
This one has the colour of a watermelon
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When you found the golden coins treasure
Such a little coin, such a big profit
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Music is life
Invisible fingerprint scanner
Smart remote control
Sending an air kiss for my loved one
Gasping with surprise
How was the name of that song...
Admiring herself
Looking for something new to listen
Rich and happy
Use your earned money wisely
Wait, what are the side effects again
I am all attention
Can you see it? it's mine
Calm and motionless
Three female clons expressing different emotions
While her favourite song is playing
Such a little coin, such a big profit
Foretasting audial delights
I've just got my salary
Admiring herself
In the process of morning skin moisturising
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Smartphone for smart creatures
I think i need a reboot
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Money can't buy happiness?
Beautiful android
Making choices isn't easy, but you always have a choice
It's been a while since we've heard, so there you go
Look, they match!
Keeping my hands soft so patting myself on the back for a good job would be even more satisfying