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Sad and involved in thoughts
The quality of file you can read from my face
Business meeting
Are you serious about proposing this?
What a nice piece of work you've done
A bit skeptical look
Focused on the telephone dicussion
I have no words actually to describe my feelings
Job interview
Getting ready for work day
Getting extremely surprised with what colleagues were doing
Indian woman applying lipstick
Honestly, hun, i've stopped following you like five minutes ago
Are you talking seriously?
Do you think it will work out?
Beautiful office worker holding tablet close to her and looking to the camera like dreaming
I think, it looks better this way, no?
Young indian woman with white towel on the shoulder looking at her face
And what if we change plan a little?
Indian woman applying lipstick
Well, i could be a little distracted after intensive work
Front view of a young woman in a jumpsuit with clean skin
Guess, she's got the idea of something
Young beautiful woman using a smartphone
Well, i'm pretty confident about my work week
Looking forward to great things
Talking to her colleagues
Or should i go for darker colors?
The epitome of confidence
'it's so bad, i can't believe it'
Talking to colleagues
Come on, you're gonna love it
Wondering when your partner will stop talking
Guessing about should i call him or not?
Don't try to accuse me of what's not true
Distracting from work thoughts a little
Yeah, i'm listening, sort of
Today pink is my mood
Young beautiful woman using a smartphone
Young beautiful woman using a smartphone
A thoughtful female security guard touching her chin
No, we're doing it my way, ok?
Young indian woman holding money bills and talking on the phone
A woman sitting on a chair AI
Getting ready for work day
Comfortably casual
I'm trying to get my bangs out of my face
Feeling angry, you know
Indian woman holding eyeshadow and eye brush
Elegant young woman drinking coffee
Communication is very important in any business
Woman in grey dress standing in profile
A thoughtful female security guard touching her chin