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It's only between you and me, mom
You're so nice to help me, really
You're so nice to help me, really
Family lovey-dovey relationship
Telling on sister to mom is just how siblings get along
I told you to come back no later than that time
It's not a big deal, don't understand why you're mad
Not my hair, please!
So, i never kissed a girl before - say no more
High five for a great done job!
We all have our secret garden
Stay where you are, sweety
Listen to this track, mom
Mom and daughter pretending talking on the phone
Mom, you promised you'd stop smoking
Yes, now tell me that you're just friends
How we're gonna fight them?
It was not good at all
How we're gonna fight them?
I could really strangle you sometimes
Pe teacher whistling to her pupil
But mom, i don't wanna stay in room and take care of brother
I'll show you what is what!
Sometimes parents forget that kids have ears too
It was not good at all
Some tasks make me feel like breaking down
What a suspense!
She understands me like no other girl in the world
Just leave me alone!
Happy teen couple having fun
Nose-to-nose greeting
Can you keep a secret?
She's always been like this
My brother is such a snitch
Green-eyed monster: family jealousy
Stop picking your nose! now!
Thank you, mommy
Telling the film to a sister 'cause she's grounded
She's so funny when angry, i can't help laughing
A woman and a man talking at a desk AI
He thinks he's smarter and cooler than anyone else
Guess, who's ready for the game?
Correcting for a good result
All that training was worth it
All that training was worth it
They got to know each other yesterday and they're already a couple!
You deserved it!
Correcting for a good result
What on earth is that?
Mom's work is to pay attention to everyone
Chilling at home together
I'm not going to explain one more time
These lovebirds get on my nerves
Man and woman looking at each other AI
Two young girlfriends chatting and discussing something
Yeap, playing mum is always fun
Look at that boy... isn't he cute?
Young woman found her boyfriend embracing another girl
One moment before a kiss
Nothing to do, teacher