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Elegant and intelligent
How should i start my presentation?
Real work consists of attention and concentration on details
Elegant and intelligent
Beautiful businesswoman holding papers and propoding to take a look on it
Elegant and intelligent
Elegant and intelligent
I always put on something pastel for our skype meetings to look like a princess so the clients wouldn't be able to get too angry with this cuteness
Young businesswoman holding papers with unexpected expression on her face
Portrait of a young businesswoman
Windows view is really great here
Let me see what i can do for you
What a nice piece of work you've done
Young female psychologist sitting in chair and holding folder
Don't have time for coffee
So proud of her achievements
I've got a few apartments that can suit you
Young business woman with a laptop
One more call from this customer and i'm quitting, one person can only take so much
This house is a perfect match to your wish list
I may look like i've got my life together and stuff, but honestly, i don't even have a chair to sit on while working
What a small font!
Involved in reading
Bothered female psychologist holding glasses and looks worried about something
'hm, what do we have for today...'
There's something i want to show to you
Coffee break at a busy day
Young businesswoman showing her laptop
Liking my own posts from the secret account is a form of self-care
Serious looking indian office worker standing at the office desk
Young woman having coffee and using digital tablet
Elegant and intelligent
Young woman having coffee and using digital tablet
Young business woman with a laptop
Young business woman with a laptop
Woman holding a camera in front of a blank wall AI
Let's check if i've got all the necessary numbers
Young business woman with a laptop
Young business woman with a laptop
Thinking about all the work process
Do you really think i can do all that till tomorrow?!
Remembering all the necessary facts
She's nearly ready to make a presentation
Thinking about all those drawings to do
Work of mind
Here is everything i need for my work
Involved in reading
Please take a closer look on what we have here
Getting all work news from the colleague
Sometimes answering a client's request i like to pretend that i'm a queen kindly granting the wish of her servant
Weird. i don't remember buying it
Sounds like a good idea
Young business woman with a laptop
Attractive young worker looking aside
Young man in a black suit and a kippah reading a torah he's holding
What were you thinking when you were doing it?
I want you to pay attention
Shush everyone, let those words sink in
Chatting with her colleagues
Involved in proofreading the material before deadlines' closure