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Positive business connections
Always one the move
Mmm... smells nice
Can you imagine modern life without smartphones?
Productive business communication
Middle aged businessman pointing at something
Pensive middle aged businessman with hands crossed looking aside
I can't believe that!
That's flat!
I'm just a phone call away
Talking with business partners
Angry business man making a videocall
I love a good cigar after eating
Are you sure about your decision?
Elegant middle-aged man using his smartphone
Looks like mature businessman doesn't get something
Modern tech devices are so amazing
Oh, i didn't predict it coming
Elegant middle-aged man talking on the phone
Oh, all these work stuff driving me crazy
Oh, i didn't expect to hear this thing
Happy to welcome you here
Finding inspiration online
It's proved that cigar smoking helps the brain think
Oh no, how could've i forgotten about contract's deadline?!
I'm happy yo start out collaboration from now on
Middle aged businessman seems to be thrilled about something
How much time do you spend online?
Mature pensive businessman touching his chin
Business affairs are actually my thing
When your business partner is getting on your nerves
Surprised middle aged businessman gasping
What are you talking about?
I'm so glad to hear you!
Always on the phone, always in movement
Talking serious business
Middle aged businessman leaning on her crossed hands
Taking this proposition into consideration
I say it for the last time!
Involved in thoughts about all these things
Solving business problems distantly
What are you talking about?
It's proved that cigar smoking helps the brain think
A lot of work stuff to think about
Giving a thought to all the serious stuff
Modern tech devices are so amazing
Enjoying a fine cigar over a good conversation
Mature businessman looking really shocked
Pleased you've decided to join our company!
Always one the move
Please, come into my office
Oh, i didn't expect to hear this thing
Elegant middle-aged business man holding a digital tablet
Handsome middle aged man with a cigar
This cigar is not as good as its price would suggest
Angry middle aged businessman holding his fists up
Mature businessman seems to be bothered with something
But we were so close to sign up that contract
Hey, what's happening there?
Middle aged standing with his hands crossed