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What the hell is going on
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It's for real! can you believe it?
Female boss is too tough to handle
All this hard work has been ruined!
Wake me up when it ends...
Guess, we have father-son crisis here
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Oh please, stop watching this nonsense
What did i get myself into?
Look, it was perfectly obvious from the first
Stop, please...
Green-eyed monster: envy in the workplace
I hate your small nonsence talks
You just have to do your work at time!
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I'll call you later, bro
I love taking pictures of my girlfriend
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Holy cow! what a rush!
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My patience is exhausted!
I'm speechless
The deadline was yesterday!
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Oh please, stop watching this nonsense
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Wish we've could've helped somehow with his mental health
See no evil, talk no evil
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I can't believe this, you've cheating with my friend all this time
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A young couple wearing face masks
Colleagues remember yesterday evening, but you're ashamed of it - the corporate party had a success
Having some tough time with my love
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You call that a report?
There's no accounting for taste
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Yeah, it's a goal!
Teacher's support is very important for studying progress
This is my jam
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I see you beyond skin and bone