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Look, who's here!
We've done it!
Happy couple celebrating christmas
Happy birthday to you...
We have a good reason to celebrate
Who has a birthday today?
Image of a man and woman holding balloons AI
What the hell are you doing in your working hours
Well, life got us seriously, you know
A man and a woman standing in a room AI
How could've you messed up everything?
Young man giving a gift to his wife AI
Aren't you supposed to finish that report today?
A young boy playing with his mother in the nursery AI
You're my best present!
I won't be late anymore, i promise
A young couple sitting at a desk in an office AI
Talking about new project with the coworker
Look, your bunny is hungry... shall we feed him?
A couple sitting on a couch looking at a laptop AI
Being careful with time
Being extremely careful with time
Nice stretching helps me to refresh my mind
Good looking cute girl with books at the table
Cute girl doing homework
Please don't fire me!
You are a total failure, you understand?
Bunny's tattered, bunny's lame... yet i love him just the same
Cute girl doing homework
It is totally unacceptable job!
Who are the best and the brightest? we are, of course...
My patience is exhausted!
Happy to work and celebrate together
Having some fun in the workplace
Hard workers deserve a good party!
A little whistle concert in your honor, boss
My best collegue ever
This is real coffee, just try it and you'll feel the difference
And no more flair for the dramatics, you got me?
Trying to deal with motherhood and work
We definitely should so this, you know
What?.. playing games at work?
You call that a report?
Having great discussion time the colleague
What did i get myself into?
Man playing basketball in the bathroom AI
Just a little break...
What?.. playing games at work?
That's all that you can say?
Dazed young teacher and a pupil answering in class
How could've you messed up everything?
When your boss is mad at you
A young mother with her baby AI
And why did you stick your nose into this?
Keep calm, combine working and being a mom
Take the temperature and we shall see what we can do
"this is a damn fine cup of coffee"
What's going on here?