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Ok, give me a minute to get this
Feeling a little blown away with this info
Taking work stuff quite seriously
Quite impressed with this info
Focused on checking newsfeed
Yeah, we definitely need to do something with it
Totally involved in work thoughts
Totally involved in work thoughts
So this is our next step, guys
These new configurations giving me some hard time
Call center agent sitting at office desk with hands folded
When you can't get off from your device
Ideas keep coming
Getting through all these e-mails could be hard
Pensive young overweight man sitting at the office desk and holding phone
Watching funny videos
Businessman working in the office AI
Checking out some new business apps
Nice chatting with colleagues
Feeling slightly tired of all the work
Pensive young afrowoman holding laptop and bank card
These new configurations giving me some hard time
Checking information
Hey, glad to see you!
These new configurations giving me some hard time
Have something to figure it here
Checking mail requires some time
Are you really sure about what you're saying?
Immersed in work negotiations
Side view of a man writing on a laptop AI
Oh well, that looks interesting
When new work info came up unexpectedly
Seems like we have to fix something here
Man in suit with light smile on the face looking at the tablet
Well, this looks not bad at all
They think it's a great idea, huh?
Thinking about all the work stuff
Flipping through list of tasks for today
Call center agent working and holding folder
Busy lifestyle
Such a busy day
Online business meeting
Morning news
Taking coffee, answering messages
These new configurations giving me some hard time
Yes, i'm looking at you
Checking information
Young reporter reading something written in the notebook
Young call center worker working on the computer
Man working on a laptop AI
Staying on the line and always ready to help
Please pay attention to this short safety demonstration
How to present this story properly really takes a while
Exchanging messages with old pals is always a pleasure
Young woman in a business suit with a laptop AI
Young man standing and reading a book
That's the 100th message for today
How could this have happened?
Trying to understand how to use this thing properly
Let's control the data