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Cute little girl holding a camera
Thinking about composition for a new photo
I like taking pictures all the time
Hm... i need to set it up better
Taking pictures is my favourite thing in the world
Say cheese!
I will be a photographer when i grow up!
Cute little girl standing and smiling
I know what we can do!
That photo turned out really well!
Wrong number? hm...
He's my fluffy friend
Children are so inventive
'you know what i think? this is no good at all!'
'hm what fun it would be if...'
Who's a selfie pro here?
Look, i've got stuff to do
Thumbs up for holidays!
Mother and baby looking at each other AI
Little more powder and i can go out
Cute little girl looking surprised
Now try to catch me up!
You are telling me!
Little professional
Front view of a young woman in blue dress taking shot
Every child has a favourite teddy
When a sweet one pretends to be evil
I'm not playing with you anymore
That's my favourite toy
Now it's my time to choose the game!
Happy with the result of her work
I will be a photographer when i grow up!
Capturing moment
This camera is the best!
This camera is the best!
Just a moment, please... ready
This camera lense is just great!
Girls always have something on their mind
I know what we can do!
Let's have some fun with mom's perfume
Is it for real?
I'm good at putting makeup, aren't i?
Being mischievous today
Where can i hide from this child?
Best friends forever
Little boy holding a teddy bear AI
Just a proper moment for a selfie
Children learn through play
Thumbs up for holidays!
Little girl dreaming about christmas gifts
Hi, can you hear me?
In the best of my moods!
Taking her friend for a walk
Shiny happy smile
He's my fluffy friend
In line with modern technologies
Cute little girl holding a teddy bear
I think i have an idea
This is a modern princess dress
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