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Young girl putting lipstick on her lips before christmas party
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But there's still plenty left
Mmm... smells nice
I can wear make up as good as my mom
Let's have some fun with mom's perfume
Let's have some fun with mom's perfume
I comb my hair 100 strokes a day
This colour suits me better than my mom
Cute little girl enjoying perfume scent
Can i have some more please?
I absolutely hate brushing my hair
This little princess is going to a ball tonight
Good taste in music from a young age
We all learned a little something and somehow
Little miss makeup
Making sure my teeth are clean, front and back and in between
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Dancing to the music...
Cute little girl holding her toy bear near christmas tree
Hmm, this wasn't on my wishlist
I'm not playing with you anymore
To comb or not to comb
Hair-brushing nightmare
I won't give up easily
Little girl has found santa drinking tea
My hair is my treasure
Natural born makeup artist
Little more powder and i can go out
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all
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You know that feeling when you run out of lipstick
But there's still plenty left
Well, i really know how to put makeup
Mom often says that my hair is my treasure
Bad hair day
She's got serious attitude to her job
I'm good at putting makeup, aren't i?
Nothing better than cold water in this hot weather
Taking out and putting back again
Beautiful little girl with her bunny waiting for santa
Little more powder and i can go out
Up and down and round and round
Nutritious and delicious
I look good, don't i?
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Time to have some fun
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This colour suits me better than my mom
This song makes me dance
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I could do with one more drink
The best song i've ever heard
Being mischievous today
Taking pictures is my favourite thing in the world