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Wishing myself a great work day
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
Doctor's work day is about to ger started
Guessing about all medical stuff to do
Preparing myself mentally for long work day
Smiling young female doctor standing with her hands crossed
You make my heartbeat faster
Super excited and optimistic about my work
Let's don't forget about importance of nutrition
Feeling great and ready to start work day
Taking work tasks quite seriously
Hmm, i'm not hearing anything here
Talking about all the work stuff with the colleague
Well, how about we take this one into consideration
Having a lot to talk about with the colleagues
Calm and confident
Going through work stuff before starting the day
Being digital while doing doctor's work is essential nowadays
Well, guess, i need to hear out the others about that
Talking about benefits of correct and accurate medical treatment
When work day is ahead of us
So, i'm ready to my morning rounds
Taking a look on notes before starting work day
Well, let's keep a secret before it's all good and set
What does that mean?
Don't worry, i'll be gentle
Collective discussing before starting the work
Gosh, guess, i need a break from all this
Just an apple but how many vitamines it has
Skipping through routine process before starting examination
Practicing before switching to real patients
Smiling even in the middle of an intensive work day
Well, ready to face this day
Smiling female doctor listening emptiness with stethoscope
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
You can always spot an expert in the crowd
Well, i'm ready to cure diseases and solve all the problems
Taking into consideration some serious questions
Taking some work things into consideration
Giving a thought to all this work stuff
Well, ready to face this day
Seems like intensive work day is ahead
Talking about work stuff with the colleagues
In this case we can easily solve situation with pills
I never knew my heart could beat this fast
Thinking about all that work stuff
Thinking about this work day ahead
We have a lot on our plate going on today
Smiling young doctor standing in medical ward
A young female doctor with a stethoscope
Thinking about curing diseases
Getting this kid into the mood
Young female doctor holding pills bottle and one pill
Getting ready to giving injections
Preparing myself before work
He looks like a real doctor
In the middle of thinking over all the work stuff
Hope, this surgical mask makes me look more 'doctorish'
Diagnosis: love
Your health indicators look completely fine to me