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Preparing for having food
White flower on the hand
Having some arty food
Gonna create something nice
C'mon, you were the one who assured me about this project
Perfect start of the morning
Coffee Break
Interesting about business
Flower to cheer you up a little
Cup of black coffee and i'm ready to face the day
To be rich, you have to play money smart
Well, let's talk serious here
Yo guys, i'm here, let's get this party started
To get real money, you have to act smart
I want you to act serious about work
I like what you're saying
Human hands holding styrofoam board
Starting to feel affection for each other
Well, let's talk serious business here
Front view of a young afro man standing behind styrofoam
Stretching feels good
Close-up of a human hand holding black pasta
Give me your hand, friend
Wish i could have a little bit of rest
Feeling enermous lack of sleep
Shocked young afroman holding alarm clock
Oh no, the invisible ninjas are chopping onions again!
Two minutes into this conversation and i'm already having an existential crisis
Young man looking up
That's an interesting idea
Coffee is right and perfect start of the day
Black male hands holding flowers
Male hands holding big scissors
Male hands holding big scissors
Tied human arms
It's kind of alternative eating
Young afroman brushing hair
So, it's completely my responsibility?
Is it time to wake up already?
Let's get this day started
Well, let's talk serious business here
Consider this business idea seriously
Creating my own style of rapping
Good-looking man standing in profile and pointing with hand
Minimalistic way of seeing things
It's time to take some coffee, i think
Yeah, we should do that
Today i'm probably gonna be the happiest human
Ah it feels hood
Once again, this is not the office of the president
Wish i could go back to bed right now
Seashell brings back good old memories
Looking fabulous with this haircut
Holding green plant in pot
What are you looking at
A man holds the world in his hands AI
Alarm in the morning driving me nuts
Gonna do a floral decor
Human hands holding styrofoam board