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Routine at home feels good
Looking through patient's health history online
Relaxing and 'nowhere to go' time at home
Effective patient-physician communication
Cup of tea and laptop are perfect combination for leisure time
Calm young plus-size model listening to music on laptop
Now you can access your medical records online
Staying updated in her profession
We're using the latest technology to heal you
Coffee helps me to concentrate
Easy access to patient's health history
Time to spend a little bit of money
She really cares
Got some time for myself
Young plus-size model sitting at the table and listening to phone
Being socially active is almost like a work
I've got all your health history here at hand
Reading all the latest gossips
Examining a chest x-ray
Easy and fast online shopping is my thing
Young plus-size model yawning, drinking tea and looking at laptop
Skipping through routine process before starting examination
Young asian woman using phone and checking card
Skipping through all the talking and working routine
A female doctor looking at laptop
I always put on something pastel for our skype meetings to look like a princess so the clients wouldn't be able to get too angry with this cuteness
What does that mean?
Preparing myself before work
Feeling tired and depressed
There's nothing too serious
Relaxing and 'nowhere to go' time at home
Just leisure time at home
A woman working on a laptop AI
Checking out the best offers
Controlling if there's money left for buying more
Young asian woman doing online shopping
Easy access to patient's health history
Well, this is your treatment course
Routine at home feels good
Me and friends always have a lot to talk about
Work of mind
You'll be fine in no time
Young female doctor
Let's start a project together
Young business woman with a laptop
Seems like intensive work day is ahead
Well, guess, i need to hear out the others about that
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
What a boring day
Thinking over prescribing some course of treatment
Focused on her paperwork
Staying updated in her profession
Catching up with missed episodes
Giving a thought to all this work stuff
Taking a look on notes before starting work day
Chatting with her colleagues
Checking once again all the data
Filling prescriptions is part of her job
Talking to a friend is always so much fun
Young mom working on the computer while babysitting