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She's dreaming to get out of doing her chores
Gosh, this ironing time seems never to end
Checking this letter
Having some fresh thought this
Composing a piece of art
I don't know how to answer this
Upset young asian woman doing online shopping
Head in the clouds
Cool. dad is gone! im gonna help him with his stuff!
Doing work well is hugely important
Thinking about new work ideas might take a while
This call made my day
Talking over the latest news with a friend
A female worker looking at her nails
Keep learning until you get it right
Trying to get where this conversation goes
Calm young plus-size model listening to music on laptop
Asian female office employee looking bothered with phone call
Concentrated on doing homework
Slightly frustrated 'cause shopping went bad
Time is money
Young mom talking on the phone and looking after a child
Books spread horizons
Could you repeat again, please?
Feeling such a relief after doing all the work
Young asian woman looking upset while doing online shopping
This call made my day
A female architect working on architectural drawings
Aaaah! i've had enough of this!
When you've run out of ideas and still thinking
When i do my household chores well, my family is happy
Composing a piece of art
Composing a piece of art
Routine time while making calls
Happy young woman lying on the bed and reading a book AI
And how should i do that if i don't get it?!
Oh no, seems like i've ordered too much
Can't focus on ironing anymore
I choose modern ways
No, i don't wanna hear about this contract anymore
Hmm, what should i write here?
A female architect sleeping at the table
Composing a piece of art
Seems like my friend got a lot to tell me about
Having some fresh thought this
Deserved right to take a quick nap
Slightly frustrated 'cause shopping went bad
A female office worker at the table holding phone
A female office worker doing her nails in the office
Having the best time at home
Pounding the books
Seeing the bak account after shopping is tough
Need a minute to think over all these work decisions
A female office worker holding mobile phone
I'm so done with all this homework
Impressed with some digital stuff
Guessing how i should change drawings
Guessing over what more should i order
Pounding the books
Well, and what should i buy next?