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Mom, i hope you like it
You spoil me, darling, with all these gifts
Seems like you're really into this hobby
I think we're getting closer to the fact here
Wow, my granny is such a techie
As happy as they used to be many years ago
I can't tell you how much i appreciate roses
Do you wanna take a close look on it too?
I can't believe how fast time flies
We should know better! we are not 16 anymore
There's something very bonding about reading together
He's so caring and attentive to me
Blowing snowflakes off their mittens
What a wonderful bouquet!
Stay where you are, sweety
Side view of young couple speaking to each other
Happy, cozy and comfortable
Senior woman giving a christmas gift to her husband
Man explaining to his wife the basics of family economy
Good choice, granny
A man in a suit and tie standing next to his shoes AI
I love spending time with my grandma
Person and her husband reading a book at their home AI
Young woman with a megaphone shouting at her employee AI
Chatting about photo hobby
Three-quarter back view of a young couple in office clothing licking lips
Don't touch my books, please
A day with a friend is always a day well spent
I can always rely on him
Well, what are you waiting for? open it up!
Oh no, not this again
This is what i call digitally advanced grandma
My granny loves flowers
Gosh, there's no way to wake up him
Do you remember that summer?
Who knew that an office affair can go so far
Browsing through our family photo album together
Age gap love
A woman sits at a desk in an office AI
Young woman looking at a book AI
It's a great pleasure sharing views with your loved one
Couple sitting at the table and investigating a paper
Side view of young couple speaking to each other
Let's try our best at hands exercises
Having the best time ever with my bestie!
You forgot to wake up, honey
Happy, cozy and comfortable
The pleasure of spending free time with a loved one
Shh... it's ok
Searching for clues
It's so sweet of you to bring me flowers
Chatting about photo hobby
Please, take a look at this drain
It's nice to share sports hobby with your best friend!
Well, and what should i do with these things?
Young man on a knee with his daughter
Side view of young couple speaking to each other
Person and his wife share a moment in their living room AI
You're thinking what i'm thinking?