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You know, cigars are not meant to smell like something rotten
It takes time to find your perfect cigar brand
Life is too short to smoke bad cigars
Every cigar lover eventually develops his own smoking style
I see i failed to convince you...
I've noticed that cigar aroma brings back memories
We gather here for conversation and a good smoke
Are you sure you're in the right place?
Would you like to try this cigar
Well, it's a cautionary tale...
Aged man talking on the phone and looks involved in conversation
Just keep calm and smoke a cigar
Would you like to try this cigar
Sharing cigars is part-and-parcel of cigar smoking culture
Some people meditate, i smoke cigars
Join our cigar smokers club
Looking doubtful aged man holding phone
Feeling quite serious about this digital stuff
Aged man holding phone and looking aside
This cigar tastes like coffee and then fades to chocolate
Aged man involved in phone conversation
I've got to look good tonight
Involved in thoughts mature professor bitting eyeglasses
Aged man smiling and talking on the phone
Feeling quite serious when thinking about science
Aged man holding tablet and pointing something out
Mature professor with eyeglasses off and hands folded giggling
Aged man looks totally involved in phone talk
Age and experience made him wise
Got pensive a little bit while talking
A good cigar helps me think
But there's an interesting twist to this story...
What do men talk about while chilling out with a good cigar?
Well, it's an incredible story...
Cigar break
Don't smoke? but here's a cigar lounge
Cigarettes are for addiction, cigars are for pleasure
Cigar smoking is about the pursuit of pleasure, taste and aroma
It's time to break a smoking addiction
Only great men smoke cigars
Aged man involved in phone conversation
The charm of a good cigar's aroma
Come on, you can tell me everything you want
Happiness? good whiskey, a good cigar and a great conversation
What? no, it's impossible
Having quite satisfying conversation
You have my undivided attention now
I won't repeat this info twice
Pensive mature man bitting his eyeglasses
Laughing mature professor holding his glasses
This cigar smells nice
Aged good looking man saying something right to the phone
Old professor standing with his ahnds folded and eyes closed
This smoothing cigar helps me think
He's a real gentleman in every way
Thinking about all these work things
Serious looking old professor standing with his hands folded
Mad looking aged man talking on the phone
Aged man holding phone and looking bothered with something
Laughing old professor with his eyeglasses on his head