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Well, let's get this work done here
Two against one is bad example of teamwork
Implementing our best work ideas
Spreading rumours behind collegue's back
My mom and i are really into technologies
Some tasks make me feel like breaking down
Thinking about all this work yet to be done
We have different thoughts about that
What seems to be the problem, honey?
Seems like we have a lot to talk about
Lazy vs hard working
Young mom working on the computer while babysitting
Struggling for the ideas
Nice minimalist workplace
Focused on working process
Well, somebody has to do all the hard work
Taking advantage of new technologies
Facing all the boring work stuff in company of these ladies
Trying our best at work
Great architecture getting created here
Two girlfriends watching movie on tablet and wiping tears
Not always you have a good team at work
Wake me up when it ends...
I knew you would be shocked
Everyone has his own way of meditation
Yeah, this movie is just amazing
Creating a novel requires time
Working under pressure
And how do you like that idea?
Yeah, creating ideas isn't easy at all
Two against one is bad example of teamwork
Architects teamwork in action
Wondering what could've gone wrong here
Every artist needs his muse
Woman showing somehting at laptop to her female colleagues
Seems like colleagues are not the very best helpers
She's so upset because i'm more successful than her
Our colleague doesn't realize what she's doing is wrong
Can't believe she really did that
Honey, that idea doesn't sound good at all
Chatting with her colleagues
Architect in the middle of working process
Doing work well is hugely important
Arguing about all these work things
Design drawings process got me pensive
Trying our creative thinking in action
Well, i must say i like your point
Better ideas always hit the collective mind
It takes three to create a cool idea
Making a photo of my love
Young woman sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
Girls, you should redo that, it's not good at all
Vintage style story writing
Facing all the boring work stuff in company of these ladies
Sense of delicacy isn't about my colleagues
Working with friends isn't bad at all
Young woman working on a laptop AI
It's always better to decide all the boring work stuff together
This modern lifestyle