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Surfing the web
Check out this app, it's amazing
Serious intentions
Chatting with colleagues
That's an interesting idea
This project is so tiring
A man in a suit sitting at a desk AI
When your coffee is over
I'm going to fail
Such an interesting article
Reading his favorite magazine
It's time to take some coffee, i think
Coffee and news are morning ritual too
That's a compeltely blank screen, you see?
This idea giving me a hard time
Entirely focused on the result to achieve
Sounds fake but okay
I feel like a squeezed lemon
Figuring out how to use this thing for the music
Oh man, this horoscope says i'm cute
What does it even mean
Self educating about what's up in the world lately
Focused on achieving the best possible result
Focused on doing work properly and good
Working and exchanging few words with a colleague
Handsome young man turning on a radio
This seems like a really good scent for me
Got distracted a little from the work
Talking to her colleagues
Involved in work colleagues discussing some info on the tablet
This video is hilarious
Working on a big project
Immersed in work stuff
When will i finish this project?
In the middle of his working day
Man in a modern office AI
It looks like a good cup of coffee
Some coffee to make my brain work better
Ah it feels hood
Checking morning newsfeed and enjoying coffee
I feel like taking a nap
Enjoying my favorite drink
Doing some stretching
Elegant black man sitting at the table in the office
What the-
This is the cutest thing i've ever received
Let's check out this perfume scent
They think i'm watching something important but i'm just checking myself out in the screen reflection
What?.. playing games at work?
Female office worker sitting at the desk and checking laptop
Smiling young afroman applying perfume
Five minutes before getting fired
Living in the 21st century means having to do half of your job through your mobile phone
Hold on-
Whaat- i did not sign up for this, man
Giving a second thought to all work stuff
My eyes are so tired
Have you noticed that thing over there?
Checking one more time all the work stuff
That's how my typical day looks like