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Hey, it's too much light here
Childish soul with 25+age
Need a break from all the daylight
Feeling so grateful and happy
Leave me for a moment, ok?
Attractive woman standing holding her finger next to her head
She knows how to achieve everything she wants
Distracting from world with music
I have no words!
The melody is so nice, seems like i'm just drowning in it
Man measuring blood pressure of a woman AI
Making a wish
Girl sending air-kisses
Mmm, that was delicious
'ready to face the problems'
I'm asking you a question
Beautiful young teacher in terracotta jacket
Indian woman holding eyeshadow and eye brush
Stop it, i can't laugh anymore
Pretty young woman looking at camera
Smiling young woman touching her face
Young beautiful woman with a disgusted look
Dreamy looking young indian woman tohching hair
No, i don't wanna see it
Preoccupied looking young indian woman touching her face
Yeah, shopping cure you better than a doctor
What shall i do now with all these news?
Extremely surprised
Surprised young indian woman closing mouth with a hand
Call center agent touching headset and looking up
Don't you like my new glasses?
You make smile more and more
Oops, busted fooling around
Woman in yellow anorak closing her face with a hand
Beautiful young woman
Smiling young woman in bathrobe blowing a kiss
Thumb down vote
Applying my eye patches so i wouldn't have to look at you
Yeap, i was right, like always
Trying to clarify the info
Catchy young woman in bathrobe pointing up
Oh, say again, i was just so immersed in music
Beautiful young teacher in terracotta jacket
Just fooling around
Image of a woman holding a blank sign AI
Young woman in bathrobe yawning and closing mouth with hand
Don't know how i wound up here
Even robots get totally fed up sometimes
Young indian woman brushing her teeth
Dressed for success
'and now a little break is a must'
Still can't decide whether this tone was a good or a bad idea
I've been feeling down lately
I've been feeling down lately
Hiding from the sun rays
Girl sending air-kisses
Laughing indian woman holding lipstick and looking aside
Eye see you
Nicely done!
It seems i've got split ends