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I hope it'll work
What a wonderful morning
Should i do this now or later
Toothbrush, toothbrush in the hand when this day is gonna end
Looking for something?
In a mood of something pastel
Smiling young woman in bathrobe using phone and having coffee
Looking lovingly at my possessions
Promoting eco lifestyle
This one has the colour of a watermelon
Woman talking on the phone AI
Young woman using phone and having morning coffee
Giving myself a decent make up
Young girl holding mug and smartphone
Feels nicer than i expected
Young woman in bathrobe holding mug and talking on the phone
Sending an air kiss for my loved one
Admiring herself
This bag isn't mine
I have mixed feelings about the upcoming workday
I'm gonna be the prettiest
Pretty young girl in bathrobe stretching hands
Staying in touch with control remote centre
Admiring herself
Young woman with a towel on head AI
This is heaven
This is a perfect nail polish to polish your everyday look to perfection
Music is a celebration of life
Should i add a bit more of a highlighter?
Let's hope my hand won't flinch
A woman holding a bottle of milk AI
Tough choice
Wait, what are the side effects again
And what if i use both at once?
Look, they match!
Keeping my hands soft so patting myself on the back for a good job would be even more satisfying
Look what i've bought
Young girl holding mug and smartphone
Young girl holding mug and smartphone
Music is a celebration of life
Your babe will never look this good
Makeup is my greatest passion
Looking for something new to listen
Last time i did it the cologne got into my eyes but this time i have a better plan: i'm not gonna look at it at all
Young girl holding mug and smartphone
D*or hire me i'm very good at holding bottles with a solemn face expression
Yes? what can i help you with?
It's always nice to have a choice
A woman in a white coat and a scarf AI
In the process of morning skin moisturising
Yes, i'm aware it's gonna end up in my mouth, no, this is not gonna stop me. i paid so much for it i have a full right to know what it tastes like
I wonder how vampires do their skin care routine if they can't see themselves in a mirror
Young blonde woman in a white bathrobe posing with all kinds of toiletries
I thought i'd lost it
Wait, i thought i had some more
A woman sitting on a sofa in front of a window AI
So what if i'm late, at least i'll look good when i'm finally there
Bride getting ready for the wedding AI
I truly love my job and my clients
What are you looking at