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Female boss and male employee figuring out work stuff
Project presentation
Stop you, you're making me blush
I've been dying to tell you this
Man talking to a female colleague with surprised facial expression
Hey, be careful with that, ok?
Lovers' quarrels are swift to heal
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
She talks way too much
I don't feel like talking to people today
You've surprised me with this news
Listen to me carefully!
Can't you see? it's not perfect here
Office romance
Is he hitting on me or just being friendly?
Cleavage never fails, they say
You shouldn't forget about that, ok?
I expected more from someone like you
You beter be careful with this, you know
Extreme reaction to loud noise
A man and woman look at a screen in an office AI
I could really strangle you sometimes
I'm really glad for you, guys
Greeting or dancing
Thank you for coffee!
You just have to do your work at time!
Side view of a man in suit showing thumbs up
Stressful communication
Stop shouting, please
Oh, this's terrible, i even can't look at it
Last days before pay day
Oh. my. god!
I love taking pictures of my girlfriend
Things you're saying to me are really amazing
Different views on the problem
Feeling insecure
You should've been more careful with that!
High five me!
She doesn't understand me
No rush needed, everything goes as planned
He can think only about work
A man in a white suit standing in front of a desk AI
I just want to be left alone
Why is she yelling here?
I'm speechless
You are my happy place
Yah, we won! high five!
Looking in different directions
I just need some silence
Oh god, i can't believe it!
A lover's quarrel
Just feeling good together
And now you wanna make responsible for that?
Side view of a strict young couple in office clothing showing fist
I've asked you to fix it, not to make it even worse
Good heavens, her report is a complete mess
It's for real! can you believe it?
That's how blowing sky-high looks like
You were supposed to get it done yesterday!
Stop shouting, please