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Cold and beautiful like a marble statue
Awake but at what cost
I wonder if they have noticed that i'm late for work for two hours
What can be better than a day when you don't have to wake up early
You'd better have a really good reason for interrupting my beauty sleep
I am the embodiment of cuteness and i am fully aware of it
You think i'm looking at my reflection in the mirror but in reality i'm watching a suspicious person in the window behind me
Having a bit of self care is always nice, but no niceness can make up to an early monday morning, let's be honest
Keeping yourself beautiful at all times is a hard but rewarding work
Oh my, you are here!
Not drunk, just alternatively sober and feeling like queen
Close your eyes, let the feelings speak
Should i do a ponytail or just go with what i have?
Smells suspicious but okay
Have a dance with me
Why am i doing this, no one is probably gonna notice anything anyway
Can't stop yawning
One last detail and i am ready to shine ✨
Fighting for successful business
Shiny smile is the key to all doors
Pretty young girl in bathrobe stretching hands
I have no message whatsoever, just have a good day whoever you are
Young woman in bathrobe holding mug and talking on the phone
Smart is the new sexy
Young woman in bathrobe sending air kisses
Young blonde woman in a white bathrobe posing with all kinds of toiletries
Last time i did it the cologne got into my eyes but this time i have a better plan: i'm not gonna look at it at all
Young woman in bathrobe standing halfsideways
Haven't slept for two days, learned more than i've ever known, have had more coffee cups than it's possible to imagine, can i hear colours? probably. what is this emotion on my face? i don't know
Makeup is art and i am its sad artist
Not sure if i'm daydreaming or just sleeping already
If i'm having a beauty sleep does it make me a sleeping beauty?
I am starting a petition for early mornings to become illegal
A woman in a white shirt and tie standing in front of a mirror AI
A sleeping cutie
The face of a person who has finally got their sleeping schedule together
If i stained a white bathrobe but the stain is also white, should i wash it or just wait for another, not-that-white stain first?
My lifestyle is neat and minimalistic and suits my preferences perfectly
Honestly, there's no practical reason to buy a cream for your chest skin, but it smelled of chocolate pudding and i am a weak man, you know
Yes, it's so funny haha
Young blond-haired man in a white bathrobe going about his morning routine
Yes, i'm aware it's gonna end up in my mouth, no, this is not gonna stop me. i paid so much for it i have a full right to know what it tastes like
Do i look like an elf? i think i look like an elf. i only lack pointed ears, but it's easy to fix.
Morning routine is a perfect time to think over the plans for the day
Do you feel the vibes of cuteness? those are mine
Pretty young girl in bathrobe stretching hands
Good morning everyone except the person who invented waking up before 9
In the process of morning skin moisturising
And now to the smooth skin for a finished look
D*or hire me i'm very good at holding bottles with a solemn face expression
Forget about everything, just breathe and let the feeling flow
Um yeah, i've found a walkie-talkie like you told me, what's next
I should've gone to bed at 11pm like i was going to, not at 3am like i actually did
I wonder if they'll notice if i take a little bit for myself
Portrait of a young female doctor in office AI
Guess i've forgotten about something important
Lost in feelings
A woman in a white coat and a white scarf AI
Enjoying the sensations
Hello, this is your favourite beauty blogger and today we're gonna learn if it's possible to brush your teeth with a hand cream