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Probably, we've chosen not the most romantic movie but it's so deep
Two girlfriends watching movie on tablet and wiping tears
It's such an interesting and funny story
Oh, it's such a sad story
Autumn evenings are just made for movies and coffee
Fall evening of girly chatting and tea drinking
Elegant and intelligent
Young business woman with a laptop
Woman working on a laptop AI
Oh my, i can't believe it!
Searching for inspiration
Lazy vs hard working
When movie gives you some food for thoughts
Woman working on a laptop in the kitchen AI
Oh i'm so sleepy today
This is your coffee. it's hot and luscious
What seems to be the problem, honey?
Aaaah! i've had enough of this!
Taking time to relax and unwind
Coffee and day dreams
Such moments make your day more beautiful
Oh yes, i've got a promotion!
Bright mind and exquisite style
Attractive employee sitting at the table and eating an apple
Young asian woman having tea, looking at something and laptop and taking phone
Young employee sitting at the table and holding a cup of coffee
Morning news with tea combination is just a must
If i want something, i just go and get it
Well, somebody has to do all the hard work
Time is money
No, going there isn't the best idea
Movie of today's evening is just hilarious
Yeah, this movie is just amazing
And why did we start to watch such a sad film?
Movie night with my love
Young businesswoman is sitting on her desk
Woman working on a laptop AI
She's so upset because i'm more successful than her
Just feeling myself gorgeous in the company of this girl
Searching for inspiration
Preparing a report for a meeting
Elegant and intelligent
Need a minute to think over all these work decisions
What could be better is your work is also your hobby?
Taking advantage of new technologies
Woman with a laptop computer AI
Woman working at a laptop AI
Having just the best time with this lady
Woman sitting at a desk in an office AI
Elegant and intelligent
What am i doing this weekend? hmm, i don't have any plans yet
Chatting with friends during her break
Oh no, it's not time for a headache
Having these lovely talks and just enjoying cacao
Guessing how i should change drawings
Asian female office employee looking bothered with phone call
Coffee break at a busy day
Chatting with her colleagues
We will fix this issue very soon
Drained out of energy