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It's not my fault!
Well, i don't know what to say...
It's not my fault!
Sorry, i don't get your sense of humor
Young indian woman sending air kisses
Ugh, seems like the hair got tangled again
Checking myself out in the mirror before applying the finishing touch
This would be so much easier if i had a mirror
Dressed for success
Could you please just stop doing all these things?
Always moving forward in this direction
Dentist examining a patient 's teeth in the clinic AI
So, what can you say about the current political situation in our country?
Side look of female extended hand
Oh my goodness!
Confusing situation
Beautiful young man with long blonde hair
Side look of female hand showing middle finger
Is it just looking good on my hand?
Front view of a woman in suit pointing with a finger
Spring vibes!
Ok-kay, it should be alright if i just slowly pull it back-
Practicing these hand poses
'ready to face the problems'
Ears up and let's listen to me
My hand of support is always here fr you
This is my favourite colour
Let's see what's next in my plan
Front view of a woman in suit looking up and gesturing
Preoccupied looking young indian woman touching her face
What are you talking about?
Extremely surprised
What a misfortune!
Are you sure?
Applying makeup can be a pretty meditative thing if you know what you're doing
That's cool, i approve!
So done of hearing all these things
Beautiful young woman
Girl sending air-kisses
It seems i've got split ends
Surprised young indian woman closing mouth with a hand
Dressed for success
Chatting with friends after a while is so fun
What do you mean the colour palette is wrong?
Side look of female hand showing hand palm
Side look of female hand pointing up
Front view of a young woman in blue dress applying a lipstick
Feeling confident
Always moving forward in this direction
It's so cold here!
Don't mind me casually being an ally here
Everything is gonna be just fine
Feeling comfortable in my body
Young asian gasping and holding hands behind the head
Honestly, all those how-to-apply-lipstick-right tutorials are unnecessary if you go with slow and steady movements
Nice looking accessory i've got
Front view of a young woman in a jumpsuit removing make-up
Making a wish
Young asian woman looking frightened
Minimalistic decisions are good too