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I'm completely lost in this mess of cables
Cable craziness
Fear sees danger everywhere
Modern life stress
Terrified young man touching his head
'ah, it's so complicated'
I feel like a mess
It's time for emergency napping
Handsome young man covering his face
Gosh, way too many appointments
Woman in yellow anorak closing her face with a hand
Hiding his face in his hands
Considering some possible work options
Young man covering his head
Tired man doctor touching his head
Oh, feels like i've been working too hard
'and now a little break is a must'
All your fears exist only in your mind
Handsome teacher thinking about something
Guess the gesture
Gosh, way too many appointments
Male architect working at desk with his glasses up
Bad news
Man listening to music in the living room AI
Men cry too
I've been working really well lately
Relax time is just needed
I'm so not in the mood for all this work
Attractive teenage in a doctor's outfit
Handsome sportsman adjusting his headphones and looking activity tracker
I can't stand it anymore!
Negative emotions destroy me
Don't be so serious!
Need a break from all the daylight
Childish soul with 25+age
I don't feel like seeing people today
Working on his flexibility
Are you out of your mind!
How did we let this happen?
I can't believe it
Young man sitting at the table with laptop AI
I'm blocked, stuch here, can't provide any idea
It's time for your physical check up, don't you think?
Gosh, way too many appointments
Fighting tiredness after night shift
It's not easy to overcome nervousness
I can't fall asleep, the cut-off is tomorrow! brain, get up!
Man working on a computer AI
Young man touching his head
Terrified young man touching his head
Exhausted after a workout
Stop joking! i cant laugh anymore!
Hiding his face in his hands
What if something bad happens?
Call center agent touching headset
You have to come up with something quick, man!
A woman sitting in a chair AI
Young doctors shaking hands with each other AI
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt