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Someone keeps distracting me and i have no idea who it is but they are about to regret it
When you hear your cat trying to open the door to your room but you don't have a cat
Well, if something, i told them that i am a programmer, not a repair specialist
Your local computer master. call me
When it's an unskippable cutscene time
Challenge accepted, you colorful ***
Lol we're matching
A hard mode? oh no, this is just my warm-up!
I spent a night designing this and i'll bite your fingers off if you touch it
You thought i'd solve it? haa i just mixed it up even more
I'm not saying you should've dusted it more often, but something is looking at me from here right now
You gotta be kidding me. a real study on the correlation between the name of one of the biggest tech corporations of modern times and a bible story about a fruit??
When you skipped the tutorial and now struggling to understand what's going on
This is just ridiculous! i understand that this is a kids fantasy book, but it's against all the physical laws!
This is all i know in the computer repairing field so let's hope it'll do the trick
Two young geeks sitting at the table with details on it and one of them is fooling around
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Proud of myself
Concentrating on the success
Name me a better way to distract yourself from the daily routine
I'm experiencing complicated feelings listening to your answer, but please continue
Defending one's fleet in xxist century is just as hard as doing so in the xixth one
Yet another example of how i am able to achieve literally anything if it helps me to procrastinate my job a little longer
No book helped me to find the right answer, so i have no other choice but to ask you straight: why are you like this
To chemistry!
Two young geeks sitting at the table fixing something and one of them distracting other one
Two young geeks with some details on the table having some issues
This job is killing me
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Pensive handsome male artist holding brush
Me at work
Quit staring martin i see you
I have smashed my controller and i will be the one who will fix it
Looking at your work before it's finished is for losers
Okay, i surrender. the color chaos has won
Look what i've done
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Cold, collected and concentrated
Caught in thoughts
If you are gamer you know the feeling
Excuse me, what does it say??
I've never been this concentrated on reading than in these five minutes before the final exam
The seller said it is the newest model on market, but i am a bit unsure about this "made in ussr" label
Look, i've recolored it with a marker to make it look solved. creative thinking, huh?
One done, now onto the next one
An asian geek guy in a checkered shirt
Young asian student in a sweater typing on a laptop
Is it really impossible for you to keep silence even for five minutes while i'm talking?
Young asian student typing on a laptop
Sorry for not paying attention, i'm a bit wired today
I've always liked that clickety-clackety sound
I haven't messed up, this is just an abstract method of creation
An asian teacher in a checkered suit, a tie and a book in his hand, working with the class
Two young geeks sitting at the table and having issues with fixing the laptop
Using old fashioned ways to get work done
There's no age limits for studying
Thinking over what we've just been talking
Reading and just getting knowledge
Don't you see i'm busy with snapping this wire