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What a nice surprise, i'm glad to see you
I'm fine and feel great
What a nice surprise, i'm glad to see you
Work's been going just great
Handsome daydreamer
Listen, let's have a little talk
When all your dreams come true
Trying to clarify the info
Oh, i wish there was something i could do
Welcome, make yourself at home
Handsome young guy trying to figure out the earphones problem
Standing in profile young plump househusband holding pipe-cleaner
Trying to figure out this thing
Call center agent wearing headset and listening carefully
Happy to make your acquaintance
Good lord, what have i done?
Something's going on, and i don't like it
What's the problem, tell me?
I thought i've left some money there...
Front view of a young man unfolding facial mask
Male flight attendant holding a paper airplane
Coping with strong emotions
Getting the info to people
So glad to hear you, friend
Trying to remember what i was supposed to do
Come on, your father is the best at hairstyling!
Call center agent showing a way to go with hands
Happy and excited young man holding a joystick
Giving advices on how to solve the problem
Man in casual clothes standing
I've been waiting to meet you
Hilarious, great joke
It's just good for nothing
He seems a little tense
Yeah, i ate too much, but it was so good!
You're doing well
Flight attendant closing the luggage rack
Young flight attendant giving in-flight safety demonstration
Oh my god, the dinner was so delicious
Perfect job, man!
Always annoying part of listening to music
Handsome young guy trying to unravel earphones
Call center agent touching headset and looking up
Don't know how i wound up here
Just look at this
I just want to hug you
Please pay attention to this short safety demonstration
There are two emergency exits at the rear, four in the middle and two at the front of the cabin
Realizing amount of work left to do
Young man in casual clothes standing
My perfect evening
Four plus five equals...
Man in white shirt standing
Man in shirt posing
Call center agent doing facepalm gesture
Man in casual clothes standing
Totally involved in working process
Thank you for coming, your devotion is appreciated
I just want to hug you
Shocked man in shirt looking at camera