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Look, no measurements, no suit!
You will love the result
I'll make a perfect suit
Everything has to be perfect
Young tailor making measurements for a customer
Talking about work stuff
Male colleagues sitting at the table and working on tablet
Man looking at watch and his male colleague looks pensive
This guy makes awesome haircuts!
Oh, that's some new kind of information
It's not my fault, it's just the trimmer has broken
Well, this info looks quite good
Gosh, this new tablet quality is so good that i can't even look at it
Well, i don't like this thing
Young tailor making measurements for a customer
What is your first drink in the morning?
Brothers looking at tablet and discussing it
Oh well, that looks interesting
Oh, that idea seems quite good
Flight attendant closing the luggage rack
Loving this man so much
You've done really good piece of work
Ok, just don't be so nervous
Oh gosh, stop, i hate make up
When your colleague came up with great idea
Appreciating this new technology
How to draw a step by step AI
Man in suit holding his phone like doing a photo
How could you comment the situation
When brother still playing better
Fashion is my profession
Taking a closer look on work stuff
Discussing work projects
Attentive to all details
Two male colleagues looking at tablet and talking about work
Little coworkers' discussion about work stuff
So... i've finished, take a look
Three-quarter back view of a young lady peeping in her boyfriend's phone
Fashion is my profession
Oh, that idea seems quite good
Trying to make him less stressful
Tell him we should reconsider the numbers
Just sit down and relax, he's gonna make your hair look amazing
Look at this, this sounds interesting
It takes two minds to bring a creative idea
Getting through all these e-mails could be hard
Taking work stuff quite seriously
Focused on checking newsfeed
Gosh, you seems to be super stressful
Some people are just too busy
Tailor a process to customer needs
Just a few final touches here
That's the 100th message for today
Oh, this doesn't look so good
Ok, give me a minute to get this
When you and brother have different taste for tv show
But i don't like bowties, i never wear them!
Our love story started in the office
Side view of a young couple in office clothing showing size of something
Here, pay attention to this line here