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Come in for a new cut!
Young man measuring his waist with a tape
Ok, let's begin!
Yes, i got it. let's begin
Ok, let's begin!
I just love making haircuts
Perfect haircut starts with the good explanation
I'll make you look like a movie star!
Something special or just a regular trim?
Ok, let's think what we can do here...
It's the best news so far
Responsible for your hair!
I'm proud of my barber shop!
Handsome young man holding coffee and showing thumb up
Scissors and trimmer is all i need to create magic
Handsome young guy trying to figure out the earphones problem
Take a moment now to locate your nearest exit
These were my trousers just a couple of months ago
Trying to figure out this thing
God reaching out to me through his words
Attractive young man holding a ripple coin
Trying off these skills with an apple scene
I've lost 10 kilos!
Last days before pay day
Call center agent working and holding folder
Invest today to be wealthy tomorrow
Just look at this currency of the future
Focused on saving very last detail of this story
Nem coin is cool, i approve
Investing in ethereum
These scissors are my favourite!
Ok, let's begin!
Yes, my barber shop is successful
Don't worry, i'll take care of your hair
Just sit down and relax, he's gonna make your hair look amazing
I've got a new trimmer for your hair
So we leave about an inch and a half on top, right?
Ok, let's think what we can do here...
Our barber shop is all about custom solutions
I've got a new trimmer for your hair
Checking out what's there on tv
This one is perfect for my lunch
Male flight attendant holding a paper airplane
Your hair is my responsibility
Everyone, welcome to the biggest party of the year!
Do you want to lose weight? ask me how!
He knows how to make a perfect haircut
Hard work deserves a good reward
I'm fine and feel great
Seems like tv isn't interesting
Remember how iota coin looks
What a nice surprise, i'm glad to see you
Flipping through list of tasks for today
Ethereum is awesome
This is monero coin!
How could you comment the situation
Work's been going just great
You can make a presentation even with your phone
Telling people about such kind of situation isn't easy at all, you know
Monero is my favourite